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  • Are INGLOT products Halal?
    Our O2M nail polishes are certified as Halal due to their ‘breathable’ formula which allows air and water to pass through to the nail plate.
  • Are INGLOT products good for sensitive skin?
    Yes our products are tested on the most sensitive skin.
  • Are INGLOT products animal friendly?
    Yes, INGLOT products labelled with V-Label certification are 100% vegan and cruelty free.
  • Where can I purchase INGLOT products?
    Our products are available for purchase at our carious retail outlets as listed under our shops page and can also be delivered to your desired address as follows - Your orders will be received from 10:30 to 4:00 pm Order may be odged via viber program on the following numbers: viber : 0919845055 viber : 0911035599 VANEX will deliver your orders and you can follow your shipment procedures and when you receive them on their website: Note the delivery prices to cities are shown in the photos, as we inform you that there is a delivery of a women's item inside Tripoli and we are not responsible for delivery prices as the delivery price will be added to your bill
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